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Señor Frog´s operate a strictly 21+ policy and valid photo identification for admission. Señor Frog´s is a private club, management and security staff retain the right of admission to the venue at any stage in any time. Any incident, will be shared to all authorities. Keeping Señor Frog´s a safe place is a very high priority for us. A search policy may be in effect at the time of your entry, should you decline it we will be assumed you are hiding something and will be refused entry on that basis. You will be seated according to the availability of Señor Frog´s at the time of your visit.

Dress Code

Admission to Señor Frog´s is subject to a dress code. Unless otherwise specified for an event, our dress code is casual. Exceptions may be made for genuine themes/fancy dress but “clean, tidy, decent” outfits still apply. Think in terms of “no effort = no entry”.


We are unable to admit persons who are intoxicated or getting close to that point. If “just one more drink” is going to take you to that condition then we will refuse entry or not serve any alcoholic drinks to you at your visit. Please be aware that if our bar or security staff feel that you have had enough to drink then you will be refused service and asked to leave the premises. This is for your own safety as well as to comply with the law.

The management operate a zero tolerance to drugs policy. Persons found in possession or suspected to be under the influence of a controlled substance will be reported to the police.


Aggressive or violent behavior and abusive language will not be tolerated anywhere, either to staff or other customers. If this happens management or the security staff will ask you to leave the premises.


Señor Frog’s is a private property, no knifes, or any type of firearm or weapon is allowed inside the premises.


Taco Tuesday (Las Vegas)

Sharing with any guest(s) will result in additional all you can eat charges of $24.99.

  • Limit 6 tequila shots per person.
  • 120 minute time limit for all you can eat.
  • All food and tequila items may not be taken home for all you can eat.
  • No outside food & drinks allowed.
  • 18% gratuity will be added to parties of 8 or more.
  • After the first 4 tacos you can order one or two tacos at the time.
  • Order just what you are going to eat don’t waste food or we will charge extra $3 per taco you don’t eat.
  • Absolutely no to go boxes for leftover tacos!